I joined Clarke's School of Choi Kwang Do in September 2019.

As soon as I went to my first, free trial I knew it was for me.

Niki Clarke, the teacher, is excellent. 

He is very patient and made me, as a 55 year old woman, feel comfortable.

It is a friendly class and I felt part of it immediately.

Since I started I have lost weight and gained fitness and confidence. And I have learned to protect myself too.

I intend to get a black belt and I know under Mr. Clarke's instruction, that I shall get it.

I go 4 times a week as I want to achieve that aim as fast as I can plus I thoroughly enjoy going and have made some new friends.

I love it!

Choi Kwang Do is a martial art for all ages and genders 

I highly recommend it to all.

Pil Seung as we say in Choi Kwang Do!

Wendi B